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เครื่องวัดปริมาณออกซิเจนในน้ำแบบเชิงแสง (DO/BOD/OUR/SOU...

เครื่องวัดปริมาณออกซิเจนในน้ำแบบโพลาโรกราฟี (DO/BOD/OUR...


Dissolved oxygen sensor, with o-ring, to be used with HI 9829 and HI 98290 series multiparameter meters.


HI7040L zero-point calibration for oxygen sensors for measuring dissolved oxygen, a 500-ml bottle with the solvent and a vial with 35 ml of the reagent.


HI7042S electrolyte solution for Galvanic Probes - 30ml


Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce the world’s most innovative DO meter: edge®. edge’s groundbreaking design is the culmination of Hanna’s vision, design capabilities, integrated production and world class R&D. edge is a single meter that can measure Dissolved Oxygen and is incredibly easy to use.


edge measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen through its unique digital electrodes


The HI5421 is an advanced research grade benchtop Dissolved Oxygen and BOD meter that is completely customizable with a large color LCD, capacitive touch keys, and USB port for computer connectivity. The HI5421 is rich in features including data logging, alarm limits, comprehensive GLP, and many more while retaining simplicity in use with both dedicated key for routine operation and virtual keys that guide the user through setup options.


HI9147 - oxygen meter for fish farming, galvanic probe - waterproof. O2: 0.0 to 50.0 mg / L; saturation% O2: 0 to 600%; Temp: -5.0 to 50.0 ° C.

The HI98193 is a rugged, portable dissolved oxygen (DO) meter designed for demanding applications. This professional, waterproof meter complies with IP67 standards and measures DO, barometric pressure, BOD and temperature. The HI98193 is supplied complete with all accessories to perform a DO measurement packaged into a durable carrying case.

เครื่องวัดค่าออกซิเจนในน้ำ แบบเชิงแสง รุ่น HI98198 HI98...