HI935002 K-Type Handheld-Thermometer – 2-Channel


•Dual input channels
•One point calibration
•High accuracy ±0.2%
•Waterproof casing
•High/Low function
•°C to °F shifting
•HOLD function
•BEPS and low battery warning
•Battery life indicator at start-up
•Big digit, backlit display
•Up to 1600 battery life
•Reading storage

HI 935002 is a 2-channel, waterproof, K-type thermometer that offers accurate temperature measurements in a wide range as well as a 1600 hours of battery life.

This unit displays current temperature along with the minimum and maximum for each channel achieved during the measuring session. The difference between each channel can be shown, or a relative value can be set on each channel and variances around that value can be monitored.

The HOLD button freezes the display to allow the user time to record readings.

This instrument is equipped with BEPS (Battery Error Prevention System) which alerts the user in the event that low battery power could adversely affect readings.

Order Information:
HI 935002 is supplied with batteries and instructions.

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